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"To advocate with precision and dignity for all clients"
Adriana E. Baudry, Esq.

Adriana E. Baudry is an experienced and accomplished attorney with a long list of accolades and accomplishments. Originally from the country of Uruguay, young Adriana and her family moved to the United States in hopes of fulfilling the American dream. She went on to graduate from Rutgers School of Law in 1990 and began her career in justice. Adriana spent the next 15 years litigating personal injury and property damage cases as well as healthcare malpractice cases. She later joined the New Jersey Department of Law & Public safety where she served for 5 years as a Deputy Attorney General prosecuting for the Professional Boards. This provided Ms. Baudry full knowledge of the State’s licensing and regulation system. Ms. Baudry also has 10 years of experience handling construction claims giving her a unique perspective on what makes these claims successful. Ms. Baudry speaks both English and Spanish and one of her favorite pastimes is traveling to get to know different cultures. She also enjoys the outdoors and you may run into her hiking or biking with her family on one of the many local trails.

Medical or other Malpractice
Personal Injury
Professional licensing & Regulation
Domestic violEnce
Property Damage
Real Estate
Contruction defect litigation

"Adriana is a gifted lawyer with a tireless work ethic and superior analytical skills. She is an asset to any organization since she is a true team player and always becomes thoroughly knowledgeable regarding any task that she is assigned to. It was an inspiration to work alongside her."

Alex Keoskey

"I cannot say enough great things about Adriana... Not only was she willing to help me at the very last minute, she grasped the issues immediately and kept me calm."

Danielle V.

"As a Realtor I can tell you that Adriana Baudry Esq. is a pleasure to work with. Professional, attentive to detail and highly organized."

Ellen Kiser Gordon